Prof. Vincent LAU’s Research Project on Next Generation’s Wireless Communication Networks Receives Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Award 2018

The research project led by Prof. Vincent LAU from our Department and three researchers from the University of Hong Kong and Zhejiang University recently received the second-class award in natural sciences of the Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards 2018, from the Ministry of Education. The research project is titled “Stochastic Optimization for Next Generation 5G+ Wireless Networks (下一代無線通信系統中的隨機優化理論與方法)”.


The Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards (Science and Technology) is set up by the Ministry of Education to recognize outstanding research projects at all tertiary institutions in Mainland China. Hong Kong's tertiary institutions have been included in the scheme.

Summary of the award winning research project:

“5G and beyond wireless communication network is a very important information infrastructure that supports various ubiquitous smart city applications such as smart transportation, smart sensing,  smart building and smart health. For instance, next generation wireless networks not only have to offer ultra-high data capacity and bit rates for high quality content streaming, ultra low latency access for mission critical applications but also massive connectivity for IoT sensors. These goals pose a lot of technical challenges.  In this project, we focus on the design and optimization of massive MIMO (multiple antenna) systems, cross-layer signal processing and radio resource management as well as content-centric wireless networking for future 5G+ systems. We develop various mathematical frameworks and derive efficient algorithms to solve these very challenging stochastic optimization problems. The proposed solution significantly enhances the spectral efficiency and capacity of future wireless networks. "

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