UG Staff-Student Liaison Committee

In order for the ECE Department to understand students' needs and improve our programs, curriculum and activities, we need comments and suggestions from our students. Therefore, every year, we invite ECE students to become Student Ambassadors and attend the official Staff-Student Liaison meetings once every semester, where they could voice out comments to faculty members of the UG Student Affairs Committee.


Role of the ECE Ambassadors

  • Collect suggestions and comments about the department from other students in their year of study.

  • Advise junior students for academic and non-academic matters, such as course selection/enrollment, study path, internship, career development, etc.

  • Assist department in outreaching activities.


ECE Ambassadors in 2018-19

Year 2

Runzhou CHEN

Email: rchenas

"My name is Chen Runzhou, a year 2 student from Mainalnd China and it's my honor to be an ECE Ambassador.

I've taken several ECE courses in my first 3 semesters and thus developed interest in this discipline. The knowledge about electronical engineering enables me to understand how those electronics work in real world works and how the advanced technology developes. I have never doubted that choosing ECE as my major is one of the fantastic decisions I have ever made.

I am an outgoing person with a lot of hobbies such as travelling and doing sports. Meanwhile I also study hard to achieve a satisfactory academic performance as I understand the importance of work-play balance. So I would like to give a hand to those in need.

It's my pleasure to help the department and junior students and I will try the best to do this work."

Kuang Yu HSUEH

Email: khsueh

"Hello, I’m Xavier, a Year 2 student major in ELEC. I was born and raised in Taiwan, a place where ELEC industry has a strong presence. I am inspired by how a break-through in science and technology could change the world since my childhood, and therefore decided to study in related department in university. I am always interested in trying out different activities and I am glad that UST provided me all the opportunities. I joined the Robotics team in my first year, and currently doing a part-time internship under a startup company. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding anything mentioned above, and hope you enjoy life in HKUST."

Year 3

Ming Tai CHIU

Email: mtchiuaa

"Hello, I am Matthew, one of the ECE Ambassador. I was amazed by how Electronic Engineering improves our livings since young, which provides me a clear direction on my current study here. Hope all of you can also be impressed by the impact of ECE brought us and develop your love to it! If you encounter any problems related to our department, don’t hesitate, just come and ask us!"

Ka Wai Gary LAM

Email: gkwlam

"Hello, my name is Gary, currently a year 3 ELEC student and going for a minor in IT. While I was choosing my major, I didn't have much passion, but soon I am fascinated by what electronic engineering can achieve and started to have a vision of my own future in this field. I really hope all of you can find your own interest and dream in ELEC like me! ECE is a warm family: my advisors and my peers have given me a lot of support and valuable advice, so if you encounter any problem during your studies, me and other ambassadors are always grateful to help! I also enjoy making new friends, even if you don’t have any problem, feel free to reach me!!"

Khalil Hedi ROUATBI

Email: khrouatbi

"Hello everyone! I’m Khalil. I come from Tunisia and I’m happy to be your ECE ambassador. I’m also a peer mentor in the school of engineering, precisely I represent clan 7 (Ginius). I’m a French, Arabic and English speaker. I like different kinds of sports like Tennis, Football, and Kung Fu, so if you are searching for a challenging opponent or want to form a team just let me know! I also like traveling around the world and discovering new cultures, and I’m eager to learn about other people’s stories. I like video games, I often play Guitar, and I enjoy watching Anime. My personal goal is to make new friends and enjoy as much as possible the university life. Last but not least, if I had to give an advice to students, I would recommend them to find the platform where they would feel most comfortable at and eventually follow their passion and chase their dreams."

Wai Cheung WONG

Email: wcwongas

"Hello, everyone, my name is Wong Wai Cheung, a 3rd year ECE student. You can call me Wong for short. I can speak English and Mandarin fluently. I am a local student raised in Shanghai, hence pardon my flawed Cantonese. I chose ECE because I am interested in both the software and hardware side of things. If you have questions about homework, you can contact me through e-mail. I work hard and play hard. I like video games a lot, I watch a range of TV shows from cartoons to real life TV, and I like listening to all kinds of music. My personal goal of being an ECE ambassador is to help my underclassmen and build connections as much as possible."

Year 4

Caesar YAU

Email: cyauag

"Hello there! I am Caesar, a year 4 student major in ELEC. I have a strong interest in taekwondo and voluntary work. The reason is I’d like to maintain a work-life balance attitude and explore a different circle outside campus. If you are interested in sports and voluntary work, please feel free to chat with me. Other than that, you can still seek for different advice from our ambassador. Wish you have a nice and fruitful campus life with ECE."

Kenneth LEE

Email: kleeaj

"Hello, my name is Kenneth Lee, I am a student from Indonesia. Now it is my fourth year in HKUST and I believe my mindset has grown throughout my years here. When I first came, my interest in ECE was shallow. I only chose it because I thought that it is going to be a booming industry in the future. However, watching my seniors and classmates who were really motivated in ECE ignited my passion to learn and experience more of what the electronics field has to offer. In my second year, I joined the robotics team. It was a challenging but fun experience, I needed to balance my regular courses and the demands of the robotics team. At the start, it was hard to work with so many people, but over the course of one year we got to know each other and went through a lot of problems together. The highlight of my robotics team experience was when we won the Hong Kong regional competition. So many fellow HKUST students came to support us during the competition, it was a breath-taking moment. Most importantly, the robotics team showed me how deep and interesting are the possibilities in the electronics field. In the end, I am very happy that I chose to pursue my Electronics Engineering degree in HKUST, it has been the most fulfilling years of my life so far."

Tin Lok KOO

Email: tlkoo

"I am Koo Tin Lok, year 4 student in ELEC & COMP. I am interested in the hardware and circuit, but I also achieved very well in CS, that’s why I choose to do a double major. My motto is “Work hard, play hard”. Although studying is important, I believe that the best part HKUST provide is a wonderful environment for u-life. So, just try to enjoy the u-life. I enjoy connecting with different people, so Say hi to me if you see me somewhere : )!"


Email: hrtanubrata

"My full name is Hans Ryan Tanubrata, I am 21 years old and people usually call me Hans. I was raised in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia before I came to HKUST to pursue my bachelor degree in electronic engineer. My hobbies are playing robot, badminton and photography. Since I was 10 years old, I always have a passion in Robotics. I always fascinated by how the human and computer interaction like how the robotics area does these days. I began my professional passion in robotics since 2008, when I joined my first robotics competition in Indonesia. And from that time until now, I always keep making busy of myself doing anything related to robotics. In my first year in UST, I joined the HKUST Robotics Team under the ROV (Remotely Underwater Operated Vehicle) and ever since then my team has won one International ROV Competition in 2017 and two Regional (HK) ROV Competition in 2016-2017. I would say that I like to smile a lot (that’s why I have small eyes) and I like to talk with people for any topics, I always like to get and bring my positive energy when I am around with a lot of people. I am also interested in entrepreneurship and making my own robotics or hardware startup related in the future with my knowledge and skills."

Shengrui LYU

Email: slvaa

"Hi! I am Ray! I am now a year 4 student and I major in both EE and CS. If you have any academic questions related to EE or CS, please do contact me ! I will do my best to help you! And if you have some other non academic related question such as how to apply for XXX program or if you want to apply for double in other majors and you have no idea in how to prepare for it, you can ask me for help!"