Administrative and Technical Staff


Name Title Extension Email Room
Ms. Tamie KONSTAS Communication Tutor 8536 eetamie 2395
Ms. Tania LEIGH WILMSHURST Communication Tutor 8536 eetania 2395
Dr. Mang Yee CHANG Teaching Associate 8597 eechang 2395
Mr. Ricky Yiu Kee CHOI Teaching Associate 8844 eericky 2395
Mr. Raymundo Saijong TANG TANG Teaching Associate 8527 eeraytan 2395
Mr. Fox Chi Hang WU Teaching Associate 7037 eefox 2395
Ms. Cupid CHOW Instructional Assistant 8597 eecupid 2395
Mr. Tsung Hsien Johnny LEUNG Instructional Assistant 8538 eethleung 2395
Ms. Shuangyu LUO Instructional Assistant 3469 2281 eeallie 2395
Dr. Yimeng TANG Instructional Assistant 8527 eetangy 2395
Dr. Xuning ZHANG Instructional Assistant 3469 2281 eexuning 2395
Mr. Nelvin C Y LAW IT Manager 7069 2518
Mr. John C O LAW Assistant IT Manager 6003 eejohn 2518
Miss Avy W K MAN Secretary 7032 eeavy 2457
Ms. Bonnie CHAN Manager (Administration) 8525 eebonniechan 2457
Ms. Julia S Y LAI Assistant Manager (Administration) 7038 eejulialai 2457
Miss Vicky Y H YUEN Assistant Manager (Administration) 8521 eevicky 2457
Dr. Fion S Y YEUNG

Manager (State Key Laboratory)

3469 2250 eefion CYT4009
Dr. Winnie S W LEUNG Engineer 7062 eewswleung CYT2008
Mr. Yat To WONG Computer Engineer 3469 2587 eewyt CYT3011
Mr. Tak Sang YIM Computer Engineer 3469 2587 eedarwin CYT3011
Mr. Tsz Fai KWOK Manager (IC Design) 3469 2587 eepaulux CYT3011
Mr. Kin Ming FUNG Manager (Laboratories) 8515 eekmfung 3130
Mr. Jacob Y L HO Senior Technical Officer 3469 2261 eejho 3130
Mr. Sam C W LAI Senior Technical Officer 3469 2280 eecwlai 3130
Mr. Bruce S L LEE Senior Technical Officer 7084 eelee 3130
Mr. Siu Fai LUK Senior Technical Officer 7074 eesfluk 3112
Dr. Yiu Kuen YIU Senior Technical Officer 8539 eeyoyo 3124
Mr. Balwin CHAN Technical Officer 8569 eeball 3654
Mr. Kwok Wai CHAN Technical Officer 7082 eekwchan 3110
Mr. Joseph S C CHENG Technical Officer 7086 cscheng 3130
Mr. Wang Tung CHENG Technical Officer 3469 2596 eeraymond CYT3014
Mr. Leo Y H FOK Technical Officer 7083 eefok 3130
Mr. Frederick H P KWOK Technical Officer 3469 2595 eefred CYT3014
Mr. Nelson K C LI Technical Officer 8846 eenelson 2223
Mr. Peter K W NAM Technical Officer 8518 eekwnam 3127
Mr. Allen F L NG Technical Officer 8535 eeallen 3113B
Mr. Kenny K H PANG Technical Officer 8520 eekhpang 2518
Mr. Darwin T W WONG Technical Officer 7083 eetwwong 3130
Mr. Jacob K Y LAI Assistant Officer (IT Support) 8531 eejacob 2518
Mr. Hi Yin MAN Assistant Officer (Inventory Control) 8518 eehym 3127
Ms. Priscilla Y P CHAN Officer (Administration) 7040 eepchanyp 2457
Miss Heather H Y TANG Officer (Administration) 7034 eeheather


Ms. Alisa Y W WONG Officer (Administration) 7036 eealisa 2457
Ms. Foner S F CHAN Assistant Officer (Administration) 7087 eefoner 2457
Ms. Joey ON Assistant Officer (Administration) 7087 eejoeyon 2457
Ms. Venus C Y PANG Assistant Officer (Administration) 8511 eevenus 2457
Ms. Iris Y F TING Assistant Officer (Administration) 8512 eeiris 2457
Miss Fiona WONG Assistant Officer (Administration) 3469 2276 eefionawong CYT4009
Ms. Rita S F WONG Assistant Officer (Administration) 8511 eerita 2457
Ms. K Y Florence FUNG Part-time Project Assistant 3381 eeflorence 3609
vacant Office Support Assistant 7035   2457
Dr. Wei WANG Post-Doctoral Fellow 7086 eewangw 3116
Dr. Lei ZHANG Post-Doctoral Fellow 8532 eeleizhang 3121B
Mr. Denis BOGDANOVICH Visiting Scholar 2267 eedb 2411
Dr. Oleksandr DRUSHLYAK Visiting Scholar 8843 eealdry 3121A
Dr. Sen HUANG Visiting Scholar 6097 eesenhuang 2424
Mr. Oleksiy KYSELOV Visiting Scholar 2067 eeadkisl 2412
Dr. Huafeng LIU Visiting Scholar 8534 eehfliu 3125A
Mr. Evgueni POZHIDAEV Visiting Scholar 2267 eegene 2411
Dr. Sharad SINHA Visiting Scholar 6919 eesharad 3654
Dr. Ramesh VADDI Visiting Scholar 5765 eerameshvadi 3120B
Mr. Valerii V. VASHCHENKO Visiting Scholar 2267 eevvv 2411
Dr. Lik Kin WONG Visiting Scholar 8535 eelkwong 3113B
Mr. Oleg YAROSHCHUK Visiting Scholar 2267 eeolegyar 2411
Dr. Changjian ZHOU Visiting Scholar 8842 eezhoucj 3113
Ms. Lin ZHU Visiting Scholar eelinzhu  
Dr. Chenyue MA Part-time Visiting Scholar 8842 eemcy 3113
Dr. Prabhu BABU Research Associate 7086 eeprabhubabu 3116A
Dr. Zhen CAO Research Associate eezcao 4020
Dr. Rongsheng CHEN Research Associate 3469 2276 eerschen CYT4009
Dr. Baoxing DUAN Research Associate 8530 eebxduan 3110
Dr. Junxue FU Research Associate 8843 eejxfu 3121A
Dr. Shiyu GAN Research Associate 5798 eegansh 4020
Dr. Zengyou HE Research Associate 8843 eezyhe 3121A
Dr. Prathapasinghe KALUWA DEVAGE P D Research Associate 7086 eesinghe 3116
Dr. Chung Yung LEE Research Associate 7085 eemichael 3123
Dr. Baikui LI Research Associate 8530 eelibk 3110
Dr. Jia LI Research Associate 8843 eelijia 3121A
Dr. Qingfeng LIN Research Associate eeqflin 4020
Dr. Peng LIU Research Associate 8530 eeliup 3110
Dr. Zhieng LUO Research Associate 8028 eejeffluo 3118A
Dr. Juei-Chin SHEN Research Associate 7086 eejcshen 3116
Dr. Fang TANG Research Associate 8526 eefrank 3124
Dr. Xiang XIE Research Associate 8831 eexiexiang 2580
Dr. Yiyuan XIE Research Associate 5798 eeyiyuan 2164
Dr. Jun YI Research Associate 8535 eeyi 3113B
Dr. Weibin ZHANG Research Associate 8831 eewbzhang 2602
Dr. Miao MA Part-Time Research Associate 7080 eemiaoma 3117
Mr. Victor BARSOUM HANNA Research Assistant 7086 eevmbh 3116
Mr. Ho Yin CHAN Research Assistant 8831 eehychan 2580
Mr. Ming Kit CHAN Research Assistant 8793 eemingkit 2131
Mr. Xuan CHEN Research Assistant 3469 2588 eechester CYT3013
Mr. Ziang CHEN Research Assistant eezachen  
Mr. Hon Lung CHEUNG Research Assistant 7085 eechl 3123
Mr. Fan FAN Research Assistant 8843 eeffan 3121A
Mr. Huiyi GAO Research Assistant 7086 eehygao 3116
Mr. Lung Tak HO Research Assistant eetak 3601
Miss Sirui HONG Research Assistant eestella 3610
Mr. Yonghao HUANG Research Assistant 7075 eehyh 3120
Mr. Wai Kin KWOK Research Assistant 8843 eewkkwok 3121A
Mr. Chi Keung LAM Research Assistant 8028 eekobe 3118A
Mr. Chun kit LAM Research Assistant 7085 eekitlam 3123
Mr. Chun Yin LEUNG Research Assistant eecyl 3601
Mr. Gaching LUI Research Assistant 5498 eelui 2164
Mr. Johan OESTMAN Research Assistant eejohan  
Mr. Bin QIAN Research Assistant 7063 eebromide 3116A
Mr. Yue SHI Research Assistant 8831 eesimonshi 2580
Miss Dan SU Research Assistant eedsu 2306
Mr. Lijia SUN Research Assistant 7061 eejustin 2528
Mr. Ka Ho TAM Research Assistant 8843 eekahotam 3121A
Mr. Ka Wing TSANG Research Assistant N/A eekwtsang 4020
Mr. Kai Yeung WONG Research Assistant 8843 eealfred 3121A
Mr. Ping XU Research Assistant 8831 eexuping 2602
Mr. Yan Lin YUNG Research Assistant 6919 eeylyung 3654
Mr. Chiye ZHANG Research Assistant 6919 eezcy 3654
Mr. Fangyi ZHANG Research Assistant eezhangfy  
Mr. Chunyu ZHAO Research Assistant 8371 eecyzhao 1043
Mr. Man Pun CHAN Part-time Research Assistant 8353 eempchan 3113D
Ms. Huijiang YUAN Part-time Research Assistant 8844 eesusie 3117
Mr. Ling Sing YUNG Part-time Research Assistant 8843 eetimyung 3121A
Mr. Chak Wah TANG Senior Technical Officer (PTC) 8371 eewilson 1043
Mr. Chun Wah TSE Project Assistant (SPADE) 1047 eecwtse 8974
Ms. Mag CHUNG Clerk (SPADE) 8792 magchung 2166