Research Supervision and Graduate Students Training

Master of Philosophy (Completed)

  1. Xubo Zhao, "Interference management for two-way relay networks", February 2013.

  2. Guoliang Chen, "FDE for single-carrier broadband multiple access," August 2010.

  3. Shaolei Ren, "Cooperative wireless networks with QoS guarantees,"Master Thesis,HKUST, August 2008.

  4. Karama Hamdi, "Interference avoidance in cognitive radio networks," Master Thesis,HKUST, August 2007.

  5. Chen Runhua, "A layered space-time coded MIMO architecture for high-data rate wireless communications,"Master Thesis,HKUST, August 2002.

  6. Ernest Sze-Yuen Lo, "Differential OFDM with iterative detection and signal space diversity for broadband wireless communications," Master Thesis,HKUST, August 2002.

  7. Nejib Boubaker, "A low complexity multicarrier layered space-time architecture for realizing high data rates," Master Thesis,HKUST, August 2001.

  8. Sana Sfar, "Layered space-time multiuser communication systems," Master Thesis,HKUST, August 2001.

  9. Tao Wai Yuk William (Co-supervised with Dr. R. S. Cheng), "Adaptive space-time coding for wireless systems," August 2001.

  10. Qing Jiang Tian, "The performance of multi-carrier CDMA systems with/without multiple antennas," Master Thesis,HKUST, August 2000.

  11. Tao Li, "Blind space-time interference cancellation for DS/CDMA systems," Master Thesis,HKUST, August 2000.

  12. U Choi Lai (Co-supervised with Dr. R. D. Murch), "MIMO antenna systems for DS/CDMA communications," Master Thesis,HKUST, August 2000.

  13. Tin Tak Cheung, "Robust transcoder system for wireless image transmission," Master Thesis,HKUST, August 2000.

  14. Lap Wai Leung, "Joint space-time interference receivers with simplified complexity using pre-beamforming," Master Thesis,HKUST, August 2000.

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  18. Sai Kit Lai (Co-supervised with Dr. R. S. Cheng), "Adaptive Trellis Coded OFDM for High-Rate Data Transmission in Time-Varying Channels," Master Thesis,HKUST, August 1999

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  29. Damien A. Lee, "Performance Analysis Techniques for Fiber-Optic Communications Systems," Master Thesis, The University of Melbourne, October 1992.

Master of Philosophy (In Progress)

  1. Dan Chulsun, Expected August 2013

  2. Umer Amin, Expected August 2015

Ph.D. (Completed)

  1. Karama Hamdi, "Cognitive radio and spectrum sensing," December 2010.

  2. Yi Shi , "Cooperative relay networks," August 2010.

  3. Chunhua Sun, "Efficient and fair resource allocation for cognitive radio networks," August 2010.

  4. Karama Hamdi, "Cognitive radio and spectrum sensing," December 2010.

  5. Zhiyao Ma (Co-supervised with Prof. Z. Cao), "Location-Aware Cognitive Radio," August 2009.

  6. Ernest Sze-Yuen Lo, "Cooperation and multiuser resource allocation for spectral-efficient wireless networks," August 2008 (Croucher Research Fellow, Stanford University, USA).

  7. Weilan Huang, "Cross-layer design for ad hoc and infrastructured next-generation wireless networks," August 2007 (Member of Technical Staff, Nokia, Beijing, China)

  8. Yu Zhu, "Frequency domain equalization for single carrier broadband wireless communications," August 2007 (Assistant Professor, Fudan University, Shanghai, China).

  9. Wei Chen (Co-supervised with Prof. Z. Cao), "Cross-layer design for wireless systems," 2006 (AssistantProfessor at TsinghuaUniversity, Beijing, China).

  10. Nejib Boubaker, "Design, analysis and performance evaluation of multi-access ultra wideband wireless communication systems," August 2005 (ASTRI, Hong Kong).

  11. Sana Sfar, "Multiple array processing for achieving high capacity and high diversity gains for wireless MIMO systems," August 2005 (InterDigital Communications, USA).

  12. Zhang Yingjun, "Adaptive Resource allocation with guaranteed QoS for broaband OFDM wireless networks," December 2004 (Assistant Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong).

  13. Huang Defeng, "Low complexity diversity combining and carrier frequency offset compensation for ubiquitous OFDM based broadband wireless communications," August 2004 (Lecturer at the University of Western Australia, Australia).

  14. Johnny Ya-Han PAN, (Co-supervised with Prof. Z. Cao), "Adaptive modulation for wideband OFDM communications," May 2004 (Associate Professor in China).

  15. Yi Gong, "Space-time coding for high data-rate wireless communications over space and frequency selective fading channels," Sept. 2002 (Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore).

  16. Junqiang Li (Co-supervised with Prof. Z. Cao), "space-time coding for wireless systems," Dec. 2001 (Broadcom, USA).

  17. Zihua Guo, "Multiuser detection for wideband CDMA communications," August 2001 (R&D Research Director at Lenovo, China).

  18. Wong Kai Kit (Co-supervised with Dr. R. D. Murch), "Single and multiuser MIMO antenna systems for wireless communications," August 2001 (Senior Lecturer at the University College London, UK).

  19. Baoguo Yang (Co-supervised with Prof. Z. Cao), "Channel estimation and synchronization in OFDM systems," Dec. 2000 (Broadcom, USA).

  20. Jianhua Lu, "Mobile image/video transmission for wireless multimedia communications," May 1998 (Professor and Associate Dean at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China).

  21. Y. Chen, "Equalization for high-speed transmission in wireless personal communications," Sept. 1997 (Mobilink, USA).

Ph.D. (In Progress)

  1. Ying Liu (Co-supervised with Prof. M. Mackay), "Transceiver technologies for MIMO relaying," Expected August 2012.

  2. Xiang Chen, "Cooperative diversity for ad-hoc wireless networks," Expected August 2012.

  3. Ethan Fangyong Li, Expected August 2013.

  4. Yaming Luo, Expected August 2014.

  5. Chang Li, Expected August 2014.

  6. Lu Yang, Expected August 2015.

  7. Yuanming Shi, Expected August 2015.

  8. Xi Peng, Expected August 2016.

Master of Science (MSc)

  1. Chi-Wah CHEUNG

  2. King-Sing David MAK

  3. Sze-Keung Danny YIP

Postdoctoral Fellows Supervision

  1. Guodong Zhao, currently a research staff at HKUST

  2. Bo Bai, currently a research staff at Tsinghua University, China

  3. Shenghui Song, currently a research staff at HKUST

  4. Cai Kai, currently a faculty at the China Academy of Science, Beijing, China

  5. Wei Zhang, currently a Senior Lecture at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

  6. Pingan Li, Currently a Professor at Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China

  7. Lin Dai, currently an Assistant Professor at City University of Hong Kong

  8. Pingyi Fan, currently a Professor at TsinghuaUniversity, Beijing, China